You are complete and settled already


You are complete and settled already

How many times do you hear people say (especially our sisters) that I want to get married and settle down. Some people feel that until they are married, they are not complete or settled. I have good news for you. The moment you give your life to Christ you are settled and complete. The fall of man at the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3v1-19) made man to be incomplete; because man is made of spirit, soul and body; so at the fall, the spirit man died, but Christ has redeemed us from that curse and has made us complete.(Ephesians 1 v 7)

Every single must have the mentality that he/she is settled and complete in Christ. It is not marriage that makes you complete. Remember that the bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made, (Psalm 139v14); so go out there and give your life the best shot because you are created for success. Don’t ever allow anyone to dampen your enthusiasm for life simply because you are not married yet

You are settled, complete and have a glorious destiny in Christ. Remember nobody can oppress you without your permission, so don’t allow anyone (including the devil) the permission to do so. You are created for the top. Remain ever blessed

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