If you live in my part of the world, this will definitely resonate with you. Have you ever wondered why people are so concerned about the gender of their babies?

I have seen people who just get upset because their first child is not male. You also see quite a lot of people who will tell you that I have 3 daughters and I need a son. Others will tell you, I have two sons and trying for a daughter. I just keep wondering what difference it makes.

I believe that you should, as part of your family planning, determine how many children you can adequately cater for from the beginning. Having extra child simply because of sex issue is really funny. We are behaving as if children are products you just order online, and if you don’t like them, you return them. There is no return policy for children. More importantly, we have an obligation to cater adequately for every child. Having a child is a great responsibility . I just wonder how angry God will be if God was man. We have seen people who are crying unto God if only He can give them just one child; and then they are people who are not pleased with what God has given them, simply because of the Sex of the child. We live in a strange world. Isn’t it? As a matter of fact I heard of a man that the wife gave birth, and when he came to hospital, the first question he asked was the sex of the child and when they told him, he simply got angry and walked away. What a shame!

I grew up with my mother, and one of the things that my mother taught me, was that every child is precious, and there is no difference between a male child and female child. As a matter of fact, my mother made sure that I learnt how to cook right at an early age. I was already cooking proper meals at age 10-11. This was funny because then, and to a great extent now, females are the ones that are expected to be in the kitchen in my culture. It was not common for a mother to insist that a male child should be a “customer” to the kitchen. It has hugely paid off for me. Now I don’t have to wait for my wife to come back from work and make food for me. Why should I wait for her? We both have the responsibility to see that the home runs smoothly; so it doesn’t matter who comes home first. We are a team, and not just a team, but a super responsible and successful team.

Friends, let us celebrates our children; male or female, it doesn’t matter. These are wonderful gifts from God. Every child has great potentials, and as parents, we have an obligation to nurture the child, and lead him/her in the way of the Lord, so that the child can fulfill his/her destiny. Please remember these;

Galatians 3 vs 28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek. There is neither bond nor free. There is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ”
Psalm 127 vs 3: Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward

Remain ever blessed.

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