Learning from Mother Eagle

Mother Eagle


I just watched a video of a mother eagle teaching the baby how to catch a fish. I know it could have been easier for the mother to just catch the fish and give to the baby, but she didn’t want to do that. If she doesn’t teach her, she will never learn, and so will remain a baby forever. What a story.

I brought this story out because I believe it is a good lesson for us as parents over our children. It is a known fact that we love our children dearly, but then there are still things you have to teach your children to do on their own. Some parents, because of the “love” they have for the child want to do or give everything to the child. As a parent you can’t do or give everything to your child. No matter the love you have for your child, there are things he/she has to learn to do for proper growing up. For example you can’t love your child so much and want to write exam for him/her. That will amount to fraud.

We must understand that obstacles and challenges are part of life. There are obstacles that you need to overcome to go the next level of your life as a child. For instance, a student needs to pass an exam to be able to be promoted to the next class.

It is important that we start teaching our children to start taking some responsibilities right from an early stage of life. We live in a strange world where a lot of children are taught only about their rights without responsibilities. The end result is a disaster

The following points may be of help. You too can add your own points and make it better, namely;

Don’t buy everything your child requests. Moderate what you buy. Children want everything they see, but you have to start early to let them know that money has to be budgeted for, because you don’t have all the money in the world. I have a common “line” for my 6 year old; “have you asked me if I have the money to buy what you are requesting”. That has stayed with him, so he has to ask first before making most of his requests. You hear him say “Daddy, please do you have money to buy ice cream for me?”

Give your child some tasks to do at home. Allow your child to do some tasks at home so as to help him/her know he/she has some responsibilities. The following can be helpful, depending on the age of the child

o Washing dishes
o Dressing bed properly
o Putting away shoes to the appropriate place
o Putting away plates after meals
o Cooking meals
o E.t.c

Encourage your child to do volunteer work and summer holiday jobs. If you have a young adult in the high school or University and depending on the age encourage him/her to take up volunteer or summer holiday jobs. Please do this within the laws prevalent in your home country. For example, a University student can take up summer holiday job that will enable him/her to earn some money, which he/she can use to buy one or two things when school resumes. This will boost his/her confidence concerning life. It doesn’t matter how wealthy the parents are. It is not about the money really, but the act of development that matters more.

Encourage your child to join service units in your local church. This is the most important because it has both spiritual and physical rewards. As your child is serving in the church, he/she is blessed spiritual and physical, and by God’s grace that will take him/her away from negative gangs on the streets. We have equally seen children who discover their God given talents from serving in their local churches. You never can tell. I know some gospel artistes started right from their local churches.

Remember that bible says in Proverbs 22 vs 6;
“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

Remain ever blessed.

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