I heard a story some years ago that got me thinking. A man whose wife was a “sit at home” mum always complained about the state of the home whenever he comes back home from work. If the man noticed any item not in the proper place, he will be upset and will ask the wife what she was doing at home all day long. According to the man, the woman had very little doing at home, since her only job was just to take care of the kids.

When I heard the first part of this story, I just said that this man doesn’t have the slightest idea what it takes to take care of kids. The job of taking care of kids is not EASY. This is exactly what happened. After sometime, the wife said that she was going to her parents for holiday for two weeks and the man should take time off work, and take care of the kids. The man was excited at the prospect of taking care of the kids. To cut a long story short, the excitement lasted only two days. He was torn apart by the kids. He couldn’t cope with the pressure, and he came to realise that the job (or should I say jobs, because taking care of kids is more than one job) was not an easy one. He called the wife to please come back and help.

This doesn’t happen in our homes alone, it cuts across all our endeavours including; our churches, offices, businesses. We have the tendency to believe that what we are doing is more important than what others are doing, but that is not right. We should appreciate other positive contributions from other members of the team, and possible give them a pat in the back.

We should appreciate the positive contributions our partner brings to the table. If both partners are working and making contributions, we should appreciate each other. Also if you have the traditional kind of family setting, where the man is working and the woman is at home, we should appreciate what both are bringing to the table. Never despise your spouse’s contribution because you are a team, and if one is disregarded there will be a problem.

Remember Amos 3:3;

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”

Remain blessed

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